Buying fabrics is a must whether you are sewing garments and costumes for your house and family or are in the professional tailoring business. The process of choosing and buying the best fabrics for your sewing patterns cannot only be hectic but also very addictive. It is not uncommon to find a fabric that you love yet you do not have a sewing pattern for yet. At other times, you might have a sewing pattern but find it difficult to find the correct fabric.

Buying Fabric

Faced with all these dilemmas it is important to establish a fabric-buying guide in order to make sure that in most cases you end up with the right fabric for your sewing patterns.

Things to consider when buying fabric

In order to make sure that you have the best fabrics it is important to consider the following variables.

Type of fabric

With the growing number of online fabric stores, it is important that you understand different types of fabrics. This is because with online stores, the liberty of feeling and touching fabrics is absent. Thus, it is important to familiarize yourself with the texture of various fabrics such as cotton, linen, denim, silk, polyester, and chiffon. Your understanding of these fabrics will significantly help you in choosing the right fabric for your sewing patterns.

The kind of store

The store where you purchase your fabrics also need to be considered carefully. Stores that stock various items may not be the best places to buy your fabrics. This is because they will probably only stock a few types and may not even have enough quantities for your sewing patterns. However, specialized fabric stores are a better choice because not only do they have a big inventory they will also probably offer most fabrics in bulk. In addition, they will probably have fabric experts who will give you professional advice concerning the best fabrics for your intended garments or costumes. Additionally, these stores are most likely to stock buttons, threads, and zips to match your fabrics.

Ease of use

Before buying fabrics, it is also important to consider how easy it is to sew these fabrics. Woven cotton is the easiest fabric to sew. Thus, if you are a beginner in sewing it is recommended that you choose light woven cotton as the main fabric to use. Depending on your expertise, you can also purchase knitted cotton, heavy lines, and silk that are much more difficult to sew but are used to sew luxury garments and costumes.


The cost is one of the most important factors to consider. If you want fabrics to sew some non-expensive garments to use in the house then cotton and polyester can be your favorite fabrics. However, for professionals sewing garments for high-end market, linen, wool, and silk, may be the best fabrics to purchase.

Manufacturer’s instructions

Most fabrics come with manufacturer’s information concerning the blend, cleaning, care, and other details. Familiarizing yourself with this information will greatly help you in making an informed choice concerning the best fabric to buy for your sewing patterns.


The above factors are just some of the things to consider when buying fabric. Other considerations, such as occasion, durability, and age of wearer can also help you in determining the best fabric to buy. In all sewing is an enjoyable past time and professional activity and even if there might be challenges in choosing the best fabric, this should not be an excuse for you not to explore your sewing capabilities.